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The Abstract Art of Sandra Menoia enchants Monaco

All the great Art Experts and Art Critics have always converged on one great thought when it comes to the added value of artistic work: Behind a great artwork, there is always a great cultural background of the Artist.

Whether we are talking about Hyperrealism, Cubism, Abstractionism or whatever else, the “fil-rouge”, the true added value that gives a common sense at the artworks of great artists is the historical and cultural perception they have.

Admiring and contemplating the artworks of the renowned Artist Sandra Menoia, is not a coincidence that her great cultural knowledge is so evident. In fact, her background is rich in culture: in fact, coming from classical studies, she graduated in Modern Literature and is a lover of classicism. Aware of her strongly humanistic knowledge and her great passion for art, she arrived in the art world after a deep and personal artistic growth, with a strong desire to express her emotions.


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